Paddletek Helo Review

Recently I had the opportunity to review the Paddletek Helo model. I have never played with a longer paddle so it was exciting to see the difference from the paddle that I usually play with. The first thing I noticed is that the paddle has a hard surface. This would be good for someone who needs more power. It allows them to hit the ball harder and deeper. I work with a lot of beginners and one of their challenges is just hitting the ball hard. This paddle could help them very much. The paddle was very effective on serves because I was able to increase my speed and power. It was also very effective on volleys because it sent the ball back over the net with a lot speed. It was fantastic on slams again being a harder paddle allowed tremendous force causing the opponent problems. I also like the fact that because the paddle is longer it allowed me to reach higher for an over head shot. The weight of the paddle was very good for me. The grip was comfortable and the handle is about 4 inches which is good for someone looking for a smaller grip. I also like the appearance and art design of the paddle. It is a good looking paddle. When it came to dinking I needed to make one minor adjustment, because the paddle is longer I hit the floor a few times. I am sure as I play with the paddle more I will adjust to the length. I believe this paddle is good for the beginner as well as a higher level player. I want to thank Pickleball Central for allowing me to test this excellent paddle. Pickleball Central is doing an outstanding job in helping to expand this great game.

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